Category: the mental health of women and girls

The Women’s Impact Montréal Collective Fund (WIM Fund) at FGM offers financial support to local community organizations that are directly serving Greater Montréal women and girls in order to improve their life circumstances. Persons identifying as immigrant, Black, racialized or Indigenous women are particularly vulnerable, especially those living in poverty or social isolation. Women identifying as members of the LGBTQ2S+ community, as well as those who live with (physical or intellectual) functional limitations or who are neurodivergent, are also more at risk of being discriminated against. FGM has therefore given priority to organizations and projects targeting one or more of those groups.

Below, learn more about the recipient organization in the category of mental health for women.

Inter-Val 1175 : Psychosocial services and accessibility of services for trans women

The Inter-Val 1175 shelter assists women and children who have been victims of domestic or family violence. It takes them in without distinctions as to origin, language or religion. The organization favours an intersectional feminist approach, which translates into accompaniment and help in achieving autonomy for each and every person, with particular sensitivity to the nature of the oppression that has impacted their lives. The project aims to provide services that better integrate the needs of trans women and non-binary individuals, and to facilitate access to shelter or psychosocial services properly adapted to them, in particular through improved staff training, and awareness raising among users. 

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The Foundation of Greater Montréal and a group of volunteer women leaders are proud to support the Women’s Impact Montréal Collective Fund (WIM Fund) at FGM. Click here to learn more.