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Newsletter – August 2023

Water is one of the most precious resources that nature has blessed our territory with. We should not have to work to convince anyone of the need to protect our blue gold, whatever the cost.

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Newsletter – July 2023
FGM in Action

There is no better time than now to get involved in our community and in a foundation like the Foundation of Greater Montréal.

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Newsletter – June 2023
Indigenous cultures

With the arrival of summer, why not take some time to better appreciate the richness of Indigenous cultures and the vibrancy of its peoples’ traditions?

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Newsletter – May 2023
News from FGM

In the coming years, the Foundation of Greater Montréal will continue to support, inspire and achieve positive change across Greater Montreal.

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Newsletter – April 2023
Territorial equity

To reach true territorial equity, Greater Montréal must speed up its efforts to bring together environmental resilience, inclusion and social justice.

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Newsletter – March 2023
Women and girls

Two years ago, FGM launched the Women’s Impact Montréal Collective Fund, in collaboration with a group of women philanthropists deeply committed to the well-being of women and girls.

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