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Newsletter – June 2024
Indigenous languages

In Greater Montreal, the movement to safeguard Indigenous languages translates into initiatives to revitalize Kanien’kéha.

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Newsletter – May 2024
2024 AGM and look back on 2023

In the future, the Foundation will continue to use its influence to advance its values and encourage cooperation.

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Newsletter – April 2024
Trust-based philanthropy

Trust-based philanthropy is as enriching as it is demanding. It redefines our funding procesess and reshapes the impact we aim to achieve.

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Newsletter – March 2024
The Women’s Impact Montreal Collective Fund

Thanks to the Women’s Impact Montreal Collective Fund, $750,000 have been granted for the well-being of Greater Montreal’s women and girls.

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Newsletter – February 2024
Giving circles

Giving circles are tools aimed at creating philanthropic leverage and allowing donors to dream bigger and take things to the next level.

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Newsletter – January 2024
The Collective Fund for Social Equity

To maximize its impact and support lasting changes, philanthropy must start sharing power with its community-based partners.

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