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Newsletter – January 2023
Food Security

According to the Hunger Count 2022, more and more families, students or working people are experiencing a form of economic precariousness that is forcing them to ask for food aid.

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Newsletter – December 2022
A year in review

In 2022, we at the Foundation of Greater Montréal committed ourselves to three main missions to better serve the Greater Montréal community. In 2023, we will continue doing so on every front.

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Special newsletter – Vital Signs

The housing accessibility crisis has come back. But the right to decent and affordable housing is essential to living with dignity. We must guarantee it with all necessary resources.

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Newsletter – November 2022

Much of seniors’ contribution to our society now belongs to the past, but they also have a role to play in our present and future. Still, many suffer from poverty and isolation.

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Newsletter – October 2022
Gender Equality

Our society still has a lot of work to do as we travel down the long road towards tolerance, respect and inclusion of different sexual and gender identities.

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Newsletter – September 2022
Reconciliation with the First Peoples

At a time whenwe are being called upon to evolve and to shed colonizing practices, we should look for inspiration to the ancestral knowledge of the First Peoples.

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