To support the arts and promote cultural philanthropy in our community, FGM is a partner in matching programs that encourage donations in those fields. Registered cultural organizations can create a fund at FGM and request funding from these programs, for example, grants matching the fruits of their fundraising efforts. The revenues generated by the investment of these government or private contributions, coupled with the organizations’ own endowments, help to sustain and develop their activities, for the benefit of the artists, cultural workers, and the community as a whole.

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Mécénat Placements Culture

This provincial program aims to ensure the independence and financial security of non-profit organizations in the fields of culture and communications. It fosters the creation of permanent funds and encourages these organizations’ fundraising efforts by matching the funds raised.

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Canadian Heritage

Established in 2001 by Canadian Heritage, the Canada Cultural Investment Fund (endowment incentives component) encourages arts organizations to develop new revenue streams. The federal government provides a financial incentive which serves to supplement donations raised.

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Mécénat Musica

Mécénat Musica is a cultural program created in 2013 by donors, for donors. It encourages individuals to make an in-perpetuity donation of $25,000 to a cultural organization that is close to their hearts and encourages donating families to give $250,000 or $2,500,000, to match these individual donations. This is a major change in the cultural philanthropy landscape.

These donations from Mécénat Musica are all the more impactful because they add to the initial amount that a cultural organization entrusts to FGM before it even makes its application for a matching grant to Mécénat Placements Culture and Canadian Heritage programs.

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