The Foundation of Greater Montréal (FGM) is a community foundation dedicated to the collective well-being of Greater Montreal.

Community foundations are institutions that work to bring people together, and make sure philanthropic funds are managed in a way that meets priority needs identified in their region. Their mission also includes fostering philanthropy, connecting community leaders and being catalysts in the search for innovative and sustainable solutions to the issues facing their communities. To learn more, visit Community Foundations of Canada‘s website.

Our Mission

The Foundation of Greater Montréal is committed to serving and listening to its community. In collaboration with its partners, it mobilizes philanthropic resources, disseminates knowledge, sparks initiatives and supports the community, all with a view to advancing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in Greater Montreal.

Our Vision

The Foundation of Greater Montréal has a vision of a community that is free of poverty and discrimination, where all can realize their potential and live in a healthy environment, now and in the future.

Our Values

Justice, equity, diversity, inclusion, collaboration, listening, creation, innovation and integrity.

Territorial Acknowledgement

The Foundation of Greater Montréal (FGM) wishes to highlight the presence of the Kanien’kehá:ka of the Kahnawà:ke and Kanehsatà:ke communities, which have historically been established on the territory now known as Greater Montreal. It wishes to recognize as well that this territory has also been home over time to several Indigenous nations who established themselves here over several historical periods. Today, a diverse Indigenous population, including First Nations, Métis and Inuit individuals, continues to reside on this territory, in socioeconomically varied conditions.

This territory has long been a place for interaction and exchange among the First Peoples, and is a historic site where the Great Peace of Montreal was signed by 39 First Nations in 1701. In the spirit of peace, justice, and reconciliation, and by drawing inspiration from the ancestral knowledge of the First Peoples, FGM is working to enhance the well-being of the communities of Greater Montreal, and to protect its territory, now and for future generations.

To learn more about FGM’s commitments towards reconciliation with the First Peoples, consult our Roadmap.

Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

The values of justice, equity, diversity and inclusion are at the heart of the Foundation of Greater Montréal (FGM)’s mission. FGM strives to be a reflection of the community it serves. In order to break down barriers, and work towards an inclusive society, FGM will listen, learn, and implement purposeful measures in its own organizational culture, its granting activity, its investments, its decisions and its actions. It acknowledges the existence of factors of discrimination towards individuals and groups, manifested both directly and systemically in our society, as well as the intersectionality of different types of discrimination that can be experienced simultaneously, and should not be dissociated nor seen as having a hierarchy. At the same time, FGM commits itself to:

  • continuously making structural changes in its practices, including in its investments and its granting;
  • pursuing a program of continuing education on issues of justice, equity, diversity and inclusion;
  • contributing to raising awareness among stakeholders and offering spaces for dialogue, exchange and understanding;
  • ensuring that the composition of its staff, its volunteer pool and the resources it draws upon reflect the community it serves;
  • measuring and evaluating its progress in these areas.

To learn more about FGM’s commitment towards justice, equity, diversity and inclusion, read our Action Plan.

Our history

FGM was created in 1999 and went into active service in 2000 At that point, most major North American cities already had a community foundation. The idea of creating such a foundation in Montreal started to percolate in the philanthropic sector and the business sector. Leaders from many backgrounds ─ Francophones and Anglophones alike ─ came together, via their respective foundations, major businesses and prominent organizations, to create this new foundation.

Our founders championed the idea of a new foundation for Montreal. Their belief was anchored in the special role the Foundation of Greater Montréal could play in the community and philanthropic ecosystems of the city, because its funds would be maintained in perpetuity for the exclusive benefit of the community. For more than 20 years now, that is exactly how FGM has been offering its support to the entire Greater Montreal community.

Our honorary members

We thank these builders who marked the creation and development of the Foundation of Greater Montréal through their tireless work, commitment and dedication.

Pierre L. Comtois Sheila Goldbloom
Jean-François de Grandpré  Michel Lamontagne
Gilles Émond Irene Nattel
W. John Gallop Alex K. Paterson
Yvan Gauthier Claire Richer-Leduc
Laurent Giguère Manon Vennat
Statement on political activities

The Foundation of Greater Montréal (FGM) refrains from engaging in any partisan activity. Nonetheless, since its mission is to work towards the well-being of the community by supporting charitable activities, it makes statements from time to time in order to foster a healthy dialogue on public policies or the development of public policies. Such interventions also constitute charitable activities as defined by law.

Furthermore, as a charitable organization duly registered with the Canada Revenue Agency, the Foundation has a duty to comply at all times with the Agency’s legislative provisions. Most notably, FGM must comply with its directives regarding the undertaking of political activities, whether in an electoral period or otherwise. That is why the Foundation has adopted an internal policy that details the political activities it can undertake, and also specifies those which its volunteers or its staff members may carry out on an individual basis. For any information on this subject, we invite to you to contact our Corporate Secretary.

Click on the following link to download our Privacy Policy.

The Foundation of Greater Montréal is a charitable organization duly registered with the Canada Revenue Agency. Registration number: 88197 9124 RR 0001