Established in 2001 by Canadian Heritage, the Canada Cultural Investment Fund (endowment incentives component) encourages arts organizations to develop new revenue streams. The federal government provides a financial incentive which serves to supplement donations raised.

From the creation of this component in 2001 up to December 31, 2023, funds of participating organizations placed at FGM received $17,735,528 in grants from Canadian Heritage, for a minimum amount to be held in perpetuity of $35,471,056 as part of the restricted assets of the Foundation, for the benefit of the 52 non-profit professional arts organizations that are the recipients of the income generated by the investments.

This year, FGM managed 113 funds in connection with the Canadian Heritage program, including two new ones. In 2023, the Government of Canada distributed $1,831,828 in matching grants to funds of participating organizations placed at FGM.

For more information on this matching program, see the Canadian Heritage website. If you have questions about starting a fund at FGM within this program, please email or call 514-866-0808, local 124.

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