Despite tremendous needs, organizations working directly with women and girls are often overlooked by large philanthropic institutions and receive little funding from them. In response, the Foundation of Greater Montréal and a group of volunteer women are proud to support this new giving initiative: the Women’s Impact Montréal Collective Fund at FGM. Since 2021, close to $500,000 have been granted through the Fund, to nonprofits supporting the well-being of women and girls in Greater Montréal.

The Fonds FAM in 2023

The Women’s Impact Montréal Collective Fund (Fonds FAM) at the Foundation of Greater Montréal offers financial support to local community organizations that are directly serving Greater Montréal’s women and girls in order to improve their life circumstances. The Fonds FAM’s 2023 funding cycle is now closed.

Persons identifying as immigrant, Black, racialized or Indigenous women are particularly vulnerable, especially those living in poverty or social isolation. Women identifying as members of the LGBTQ2S+ community, as well as those who live with (physical or intellectual) functional limitations or who are neurodivergent, are also more at risk of being discriminated against. FGM has therefore given priority to organizations and projects targeting one or more of those groups. In 2023, the Fund has focused on the following topics of intervention: violence committed against individuals identifying as women, access to employment and women’s entrepreneurship, mental health, especially among youths, and women’s and girls’ rights.

Read the following post to learn more about the WIM Fund and the recipient organizations of its 2023 grants:

Get to know the 2023 recipients

Click on the following links to read the press release and learn more about the recipient organizations of the Fonds FAM’s grants allocated in 2022.

Vital Signs 2022 : the women and girls of Greater Montréal

This edition of Vital Signs is an overview of the situation of women and girls in Greater Montreal, which focuses on violence committed against them, their mental health, as well as their employment conditions and workplace integration. It also deals with the particular situations experienced by LGBTQ2S+ people, Indigenous, immigrant and racialized women, female youths and adolescents, senior and single-parent women, and those living with a disability or experiencing homelessness.

Download the report

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The Women’s Impact Montréal Collective Fund (Fonds FAM)

Join the Women’s Impact Montréal Collective Fund and you can help :

  • Mobilize the collective power of philanthropy in order to address the myriad issues that threaten the well-being of women and girls in Greater Montreal.
  • Educate a greater number of people on the challenges facing girls and women in our community, and the organizations that are addressing these issues.
  • Impact organizations that offer transformative and lasting solutions to the problems faced by women and girls in Montreal.
  • Involve new audiences in the valuable work of philanthropy.

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Why join the Women’s Impact Montreal Collective Fund?

Becoming a member is about more than writing a cheque. You will join a collective of people with a common purpose who are committed to making a difference for women and girls in Greater Montreal. You will play a role in building an important new source of positive change in our city, and have a voice in deciding how funds are distributed. Each year, you will get the chance to see firsthand the impacts of your philanthropy.

How to immediately get involved?

  • Become a member of the Fund, through an annual gift of $1,500 – $1,000 for members below 40 years of age – and pledge your support for three years.
  • Make a one-time donation to the Fund and help increase its philanthropic impact.
  • Help us spread the word about the WIM Collective Fund in your network to have an even larger impact!

Join a group of women leaders, determined to have a positive and sustainable impact:

  • Isabelle Ménard, Chair of the Fonds FAM Advisory Committee;
  • Dominique Décarie, member;
  • Melissa Drouin, member;
  • Kathy Fazel, member;
  • Monette Malewski, member;
  • Sarah Mashhady, member;
  • Danielle Pollack, member;
  • Isabelle Renaud, member;
  • as well as every other member of the WIM Collective Fund!

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