Our approach is tailored to you

You are an individual or a family

An endowment fund allows you to truly bring your philanthropic engagement to life, and make it last. By using this vehicle, you can also make your values live on in a meaningful way for your descendants. You can, for example, name family members to your fund’s advisory committee, which makes recommendations on the distribution of its income. You can choose which sectors or organizations will benefit from your generosity, or let our team of experts guide you. The fund can be anonymous, or it can be in your name, in your family’s name, or in tribute to a significant person or event in your life. You decide!

You represent a charitable organization

FGM offers charitable organizations the following options:

  • Create their own endowment fund to finance their operations and their mission;
  • Manage an existing fund on their behalf;
  • Help them obtain funding from the government matching grant programs for which they qualify.

You represent a business

Working with FGM, businesses can:

  • Create endowment funds to bolster their philanthropic activities;
  • Reinforce their engagement towards the community;
  • Entrust decisions on funding requests, and fund management, to specialists in philanthropy and asset management.

Create a fund