Simplicity and flexibility

We will help you create a fund that suits your philanthropic goals and your financial situation. We’ll take care of the management and administration of the fund, from investing assets to distributing income.

Effectiveness and impact

Your donation will be administered by professionals, thereby generating competitive returns. You will benefit from significant tax advantages and reduced administrative costs. Our team’s expertise will help you target the causes, sectors or organizations that will maximize the impact of your gift in the community.

A donation that will last

Your commitment will live on, because the capital in the endowment funds is protected in perpetuity. Only the income will be distributed to the chosen charitable organizations. This basic principle will make it possible for your fund to distribute its initial capital many times over, through the years and decades.

We also offer the option of creating a philanthropic fund with encroachment on the capital, or a term-limited fund with a predetermined distribution. With timeframes ranging from a year to perpetuity, the decision is yours.

Real impact

With our deep roots in the community, we are able to identify the issues and challenges that need to be addressed. We can assist you in choosing the organization or sector where you can have the greatest impact for the cause that matters the most to you. You can be secure in the knowledge that your donation will directly contribute to meeting the most vital needs in our community.

Types of funds

FGM offers you a great deal of flexibility. We have a range of funds that allow you to allocate the income generated by your donation in the most effective way possible.

  • Unrestricted fund. You delegate to FGM the task of determining the major issues that your will fund will act on, and of keeping track of the changing needs in each of the relevant sectors. In that way, you can be sure that your contribution will benefit the community in an optimal way.
  • Donor-advised fund. Each year, you designate to FGM the organizations or sectors that you would like to receive income from your fund. You can make these recommendations yourself, or name a family member or an advisory committee to do so.
  • Donor-designated fundYou specifically designate the charitable organization or organizations that will benefit from the income generated by your fund.

Create your fund today ─ and make your impact last.

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