Recognizing the particular challenges faced by Indigenous communities living in Greater Montreal, and wanting to contribute financially towards their resolution, the Foundation of Greater Montréal in 2021 launched the Fund to support Indigenous initiatives. In creating this fund, FGM drew inspiration from the principles set out by the Circle on Philanthropy. Its goal is to offer support that is responsive, and as appropriate as possible, for the needs expressed by these communities, whether they be in an urban setting or on nearby Indigenous communities. The Fund has also been conceived and is managed so as to foster relationships between Indigenous and non-Indigenous people.


This is a recurring fund, attributed an amount of $100,000 annually, that distributes unrestricted grants to organizations chosen by FGM. Organizations are selected through a proactive research process that includes seeking out references from peers, on-the-ground visits and conversations with the groups so as to better identify their needs. In other words, the Fund’s approach is guided by the principles of trust-based philanthropy. The grants distributed are generally in the amount of $20,000 per organization, and can be used to fund a specific project, or to carry out the organization’s mission, depending on the needs identified.


The Fund to support Indigenous initiatives allows the Foundation of Greater Montréal to strengthen its relationships with the communities and organizations, while enhancing its understanding of the challenges faced by Indigenous populations in Greater Montreal. This approach is also integral to FGM’s vision. Just as Indigenous communities do, FGM recognizes the intricate and interdependent relationships that exist among individuals, the community and the territory, and takes into account the impact its actions may have on future generations.

The issues that the Fund acts upon are determined through listening sessions held with each selected organization. They can touch on any and all of the realities experienced in different communities, such as but not limited to:

• Language learning and preservation of culture and traditional knowledge;
• Mobilization of young people within communities;
• Access to appropriate health care through dedicated resources;
• Overrepresentation of Indigenous individuals in certain challenging situations in cities, especially homelessness.

To find out more about The Fund to support Indigenous initiatives, get in touch with us.