Centre communautaire multi-ethnique de Montréal-Nord

Bringing services and food supplies to people in need

The Centre communautaire multi-ethnique de Montréal-Nord fosters comprehension, dialogue and rapprochement between members of the cultural communities and those who populate their new home. In particular, it offers food aid services, translation, francization classes, and participation for its members in sociocultural activities.  It offers services to adults, but also encourages young people to get more involved in community activities, and works as well to help break down the isolation of Montreal North’s seniors.

Seeing vulnerable individuals and families facing growing needs during the pandemic, the Centre submitted a project proposal in phase 2 of the ECSF. The project was funded in the amount of $34,118. It allowed for the hiring of a driver and delivery person who took care of bringing food supplies to persons in need who could not get to a food bank. These visits to the homes of the most vulnerable were also an opportunity to break down their isolation, to impart information and to distribute personal protective equipment.

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Photo: Centre communautaire multi-ethnique de Montréal-Nord, Food Counter Truck, and volunteers with Paule Robitaille, MNA for Bourassa-Sauvé © CCMEMN