• The Jacques Parizeau Fund at FGM will ensure that the memory of the former premier lives on.
  • It will also provide support to the causes he held dear.
  • The Fund’s initial goal is to realize the creation of a commemorative representation of Mr. Parizeau in the gardens of Quebec’s National Assembly.
  • The income generated by the Jacques Parizeau Fund at FGM will also be distributed to nonprofit organizations active in arts and culture, the environment, education and social development.

Montréal, October 21, 2020 – Today marks the fourth anniversary of the unveiling of Jacques-Parizeau Street in Quebec City. The Foundation of Greater Montréal (FGM) is therefore very proud to announce the creation of the Jacques Parizeau Fund. This Fund is being created at through the efforts of the family and close friends of the former Quebec premier. The names of the constituents of the Fund, as well as those of the members of the Fund’s Honour Committee, can be viewed here. FGM is a community foundation managing about 650 philanthropic funds, whose total assets exceed the $340 million mark.

The initial goal of the Jacques Parizeau Fund at FGM is the installation, alongside those of other Quebec premiers in the gardens of the National Assembly, of a monument representing Mr. Parizeau. Subsequently, income from this in-perpetuity endowment fund will be allocated to nonprofit organizations. These nonprofits will be chosen according to causes that were close to his heart. Among those are arts and culture, access to education, environmental protection and social development.

In tribute to Jacques Parizeau

“Jacques dedicated his life to Québec, to its modernization and its social and economic growth. He had the highest aspirations for this place he loved, including its full independence. He did not achieve this great dream. But he left us with the tools we need to fulfill it in the future, if we so choose. We created this fund to ensure his memory and his legacy live on and keep inspiring us,” stated Mrs. Lisette Lapointe, who was Mr. Parizeau’s spouse and is a constituent of the fund.

“Jacques Parizeau had a profound impact on the history of Quebec. He played a central role in the Quiet Revolution and the development of Quebec’s economy. He also had a hand in the construction of the modern social safety we can count on today. More recently, he also contributed to the founding of the Institute for Research in Contemporary Economics. In creating this fund as a tribute to him, we wanted to underscore his role as a great builder,” added Mr. Robert Parizeau and Mr. Jean-Martin Aussant, the other constituents of the fund.

“We are honoured to work alongside the family and close friends of Jacques Parizeau in establishing this fund. He will remain one of the most illustrious pioneers of Quebec as we know it today. I would like to thank them for the faith they have showed in us. With the creation of the Jacques Parizeau Fund at the Foundation of Greater Montréal, Mr. Parizeau’s memory will live on, and through it, the causes he cherished,” summed up Karel Mayrand, President and CEO of FGM.


Source : Foundation of Greater Montréal
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