Montréal, April 28, 2020  – The Foundation of Greater Montréal’s (FGM) President and CEO, Yvan Gauthier, unveiled today new information about the COVID-19 Collective Fund. Since its creation, the Fund has so far supported 30 community organizations with grants totaling more than $300,000. Among those organizations, more than half offer direct support to individuals living in homelessness or work to fight food insecurity in Montreal. Organizations committed to the promotion of mental health will also receive support. For instance, la Fondation Tel-Jeunes, la Maison Bleue, l’Accueil Bonneau, Spectre de rue and la Fondation des Auberges du Coeur are among the beneficiaries of these first two waves of granting through the Fund. The complete list of supported organizations is published on FGM’s website and will be updated weekly.

One million dollars gathered so far

Thanks to an additionnal $400,000 contribution from FGM, as well as the support of new FGM donor-advised fund creators and donations from the general public, the COVID-19 Collective Fund has now reached the $1-million mark in fundraising since the first half of April. “I wish to thank every foundation and individual donor who answered our call to support the Fund. At a time when the entire Greater Montréal community needs our help, your generosity and dedication are heart-warming”, said Mr. Gauthier.

A truly collective Fund

The COVID-19 Collective Fund also aims to coordinate the participating foundations and organizations with regards to the general orientations as well as the granting criteria. Ten foundations, private and public alike, are members of its steering committee. Centraide of Greater Montréal and the Canadian Red Cross also participate, in order to share all relevant information and grassroots experiences. “This level of coordination is essential to optimize the impact of the grants”, added Mr. Gauthier.

Contributions and requests to the Fund

It is possible to make a donation to the COVID-19 Collective Fund directly through FGM’s website. “We are still asking for the support of all our community partners at this time, foundations and individuals alike. This extraordinary crisis calls for an equally extraordinary response,” said FGM’s President and CEO.

Donations to the COVID-19 Collective Fund can be unrestricted or geared towards any of the following sectors: education, healthcare, culture, the environment or social development, paying special attention to the situation of children and other vulnerable people. Community organizations in all sectors who need support, or are expecting to find themselves at risk after the crisis is over and are looking for support to plan their recovery, can submit an application through the online forms available here.

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Source: Foundation of Greater Montréal
For more information: Simon Delorme, Project Manager for Communications,

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