The Foundation of Greater Montréal is proud to take part in the implementation of the Community Services Recovery Fund in the Greater Montreal region.

The application period is now closed

Eligible organizations could submit a granting application under the CSRF until February 21, 2023. The evaluation phase is now underway and results will be announced starting May 16, 2023. Check out the Community Services Recovery Fund website to learn more.

Visit the CSRF website

What is the Community Services Recovery Fund (CSRF)

The CSRF is a $400 million investment from the Government of Canada. It supports charities and non-profits, as they focus on how to adapt their organizations for pandemic recovery. It will provide funding to these community organizations, including Indigenous Governing Bodies, that provide services to communities across Canada.

In the Greater Montreal area, the deployment of the CSRF is managed jointly by Centraide of Greater Montreal, the Canadian Red Cross and the Foundation of Greater Montréal. In order to answer the main questions related to the Fund, the three organizations have published the following resources:

Download the FAQ

Download the presentation

The above FAQ is for information purposes only. The questions that were posed in English are grouped at the end of the document. It follows up on the many questions raised at the information sessions held following the launch of the CSRF. It should be noted that all applications will be reviewed by independent evaluation committees. Eligibility to the Fund does not guarantee a favourable response to the submitted application. The relevance of the application will take precedence when processing. However, the committees will also consider other indicators aimed at ensuring, as much as possible, an equitable distribution of the Fund’s grants. These indicators relate in particular to the territorial distribution and the various project focus areas in relation to the number of applications received and the amounts available. The three funding partners also agreed to share the results of their analyses as part of a comprehensive approach aimed at achieving the fairest and most equitable distribution possible. Applications must be reasonable and realistic. In that sense, it is appropriate not to overestimate the amounts requested.

The Government of Canada recognizes that this recovery will require a more inclusive model of economic growth. We need to create better opportunities for all Canadians. And now more than ever, community organizations are playing a key role in creating solutions to the many issues faced by Canadians.

From the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, community organizations across Canada have shown impressive stamina and creativity. They worked tirelessly to respond to the needs of their communities. The CSRF now responds to what they need, and will support organizations as they adapt to the long-term impacts of the pandemic and acquire the tools they need to modernize.

The Foundation of Greater Montréal works hand in hand with the three National Funders: the Canadian Red Cross, Community Foundations of Canada and United Way Centraide Canada. Together, we will combine our reach and expertise to establish optimal, equitable and open application processes to distribute funding and deliver the CSRF across Greater Montreal.

The Community Services Recovery Fund is an initiative from the Government of Canada.