First Peoples Justice Center of Montreal and Iakwatonhontsanónsta’ts

Asserting Indigenous peoples' rights and worldview

In order to help tackle the problems faced by Indigenous peoples living in Greater Montreal, FGM has undertaken to allocate $130,000 to five organizations via its Fund to Support Indigenous Initiatives. These contributions are part of a reconciliation and learning process undertaken by FGM over the past few years. By utilizing a trust-based approach to philanthropy, which entails a dialogue with actors on the ground and continuous and active listening, the Foundation has been able to identify a number of organizations that it could support. FGM provides financial backing that corresponds to the needs expressed, and in acknowledgement of the actions carried out for the community.

The First Peoples Justice Center of Montreal (FPJCM) is among the organizations supported. The Center works in partnership with the Montreal Indigenous community and the city’s judicial system to “support, inform and empower Indigenous persons in addressing their legal or justice issues and in continuing their transition to a healthy and balanced quality of life”. It offers support and guidance for individuals, healing groups, restorative justice options and transition programs.

Iakwatonhontsanónsta’ts, also known as the Kahnawake Youth Climate Collective, also received a $20,000 grant in 2022. In the fall, seven Iakwatonhontsanónsta’ts (a name chosen by the youth that means “we protect/safeguard the Earth”) delegates travelled to the COP27 in Egypt (see picture) in order to sound the alarm about the urgency of acting on climate change, listen to Elders, and act to protect the next seven generations, based on the Indigenous philosophy that the decisions we make today should result in a sustainable world seven generations into the future.

The Foundation also used other Funds to assist several groups that serve Indigenous communities. For instance, the Collective Fund for Social Equity funded eight Indigenous organizations in 2022.

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