A word from FGM – October 2022

In Greater Montreal, as elsewhere, women continue to be more at risk of being marginalized. Too many are being forced to live in precarious situations or being subjected to various forms of violence, especially sexual or domestic violence. On that point, the findings in FGM’s recent Vital Signs of Women and Girls in Greater Montreal report are undeniable. Equality is still far away. However, at even greater risk are sexually diverse individuals, and in particular individuals who identify as women.

Our report tells us that they are 75 % more likely to be victims of sexual assault – and to report it – than Canadian women on average. As well, in 2020, 70% of LGBTQ2S+ Montreal women surveyed considered their mental health to be poor. That figure is higher than it is for women in general, and even higher than it is for men. With regards to employment, they indicate (by a slim majority) that they have found relatively inclusive working environments. But at the same time, more of them report being dissatisfied with their wages and holding down jobs that are unstable or of poor quality. More than half also report that they have faced obstacles in their professional life because they are different.

Lots of work to do to change mentalities

The prevailing mentality and culture have definitely evolved over the years and decades. Generally, they have moved towards increased tolerance and inclusion of identities that do not correspond to yesterday’s binary norms. But change does not just happen by itself. That is why the Foundation of Greater Montréal continues to deploy its efforts and resources, in a targeted and intentional way, in order to support the leadership of individuals and organizations working to achieve true equality for all genders and all LGBTQ2S+ persons. Our society still has a lot of work to do as we travel down this long road.

Whether it is through our publication of the most recent Vital Signs report, our participation in the national Fund for Gender Equality (more details on that below), the creation of the Women’s Impact Montréal Collective Fund or our special focus on the condition of LGBTQ2S+ individuals through our other granting programs, such as the Collective Fund for Social Equity, FGM is acting to reaffirm its strong commitment to equality. It is a matter of dignity and justice for every member of our community.

Karel Mayrand
President and CEO
Foundation of Greater Montréal

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