The Fonds de pérennité Nouvel Horizon de Duverger

Supporting education for children and literacy training for adults in Duverger, Haiti

The Nouvel Horizon de Duverger Project was started by the Beaugé family of Laval, with friends from other parts of Quebec. Working with the residents of the village of Duverger (Miragoâne region, Haïti), they wanted to build an elementary school. The goal was to enable children in the village to have better access to education. The project was realized with the help of the Fondation QHASUQ, and its successful completion meant that the school could open its doors to its first students in September of 2013.

In the fall of 2020, Mr. Rodrigue Baugé turned to the Foundation of Greater Montréal in order to create a philanthropic fund. He wanted to increase long-term support for the school, and assist it in maintaining and developing its activities. The Fonds de pérennité Nouvel Horizon de Duverger aims to ensure stable, long-term funding for the school’s operating costs. For instance, it supports staff salaries, the cost of school supplies, and infrastructure maintenance. As well, the fund’s mission includes keeping up the provision of a daily meal for the students. It also allows for the addition of courses in visual arts, music, information technology and sports to the curriculum. These forward-looking projects are bringing hope to the children of Duverger, and indeed the entire Duverger community.

Thank you to the fund’s constituents for their commitment to supporting ongoing access to education for all.

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