Offering students a learning environment culturally adapted to First Nations

Kiuna is a college featuring programs designed by and for Indigenous persons. The institution offers its students a framework for learning and a living environment that are geared to their cultural specificity, their social context and their interests.

Kiuna’s goal is to democratize access to postsecondary education for individuals from the First Nations. The college is now recognized for its culturally adapted educational services. That is manifested in a unique environment where the programs, student services, human resources and teaching methods and material are based on Indigenous culture and traditions.

Raising awareness among non-Indigenous people about the realities of First Nations is another key aspect of its mission. That is why Kiuna is open to any student wishing to learn more about the First Nations and their cultures.

In 2021, through its Fund to support Indigenous initiatives, the Foundation of Greater Montréal assisted the Witamawi summer school, organized by Kiuna in collaboration with UQÀM. The school offers education on Indigenous perspectives and issues, welcoming students from preschool to secondary school.

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