Dans la rue

Support youth who are homeless or in precarious situations in Montréal

Founded in 1988, Dans la rue comes to the aid of youth who are homeless or in precarious situations. The causes and day-to-day realities of youth homelessness are different from those of adult homelessness. Therefore, different solutions are needed. With dedication, empathy and respect, the organization tends first to their immediate needs. But it also works with them so that they can acquire the skills and resources they need in order to live fuller and more autonomous lives.

In practice, that means offering services like the Bunker, a secure emergency shelter for men and women, open every night. There is also la Roulotte, a mobile operation that welcomes youths and gives them information on services offered. A day centre also offers specially adapted services, meals and constructive activities; as well as 17 permanent housing units for young people seeking a fresh start. All of these approaches offer the respite, listening, health care, support and security they need in order to be able to start building a future.

Since 2020, Dans la rue received support from  the Fonds Fondation Jean E. et Lucille Douville and Fondation Famille Morency, as well as from the Chamandy Foundation, Michael and Michaeleen O’Connor, and Beatrice Enid Patterson Foundation Funds.

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Photo: La roulotte © Cindy Boyce