Aide aux Trans du Québec (ATQ)

Breaking the social isolation of trans people

The mission of Aide aux Trans du Québec’s (ATQ), an organization founded in 1980, is to assist trans, non-binary and questioning individuals and help break down their isolation. ATQ provides these individuals with a range of services: a 24/7 helpline, discussion groups, individual consultations and a variety of activities.

The organization also works on demystifying the concept of trans identity and promotes social and civic equality for trans individuals, both within the LGBTQ+ community and in society in general. It distributes literature and offers training sessions in schools, organizations and a variety of workplaces. Aide aux Trans du Québec also works closely with loved ones of trans and non-binary individuals, so as to help them better understand and accept trans identity.

In 2022, the Foundation of Greater Montréal’s support allowed the organization to hire an additional employee, to ensure the smooth running of its activities and maintain the specially adapted support it offers to trans and non-binary populations. In concrete terms, about one hundred additional people were able to benefit from individual interventions. Two discussion groups, including the one designed for trans, non-binary and questioning individuals 40 years and older, were also able to continue.

The support that FGM has provided over the last two years also helps ATQ organize Fierté Trans Pride. This event enables hundreds of trans, non-binary and questioning individuals (and their loved ones) to come together and celebrate gender diversity. Fierté Trans Pride also allows many people from these communities to break out of their isolation, meet new people and find out about resources available to them, all in a welcoming and festive environment. This day of community celebration also offers an outlet to several organizations working directly or indirectly with gender-diverse individuals. As well, the closing show offers visibility to trans and non-binary artists.

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