The Foundation of Greater Montréal is proud to support the Mécénat Musica cultural philanthropy incentive program, through the management of a portion of its matching funds. We are glad to share the following announcement from the program.

Montreal, April 4, 2023 Mécénat Musica today announced the appointment of 10 Mécénat Musica Ambassadors in Residence from 5NextGen Canadian cultural organizations. As Mécénat Musica Ambassadors in Residence, the 10 appointees will assist new cultural organizations and donors in joining Mécénat Musica’s cultural endowment matching program. The Ambassadors encourage organizations to expand the circle of donors and to collaborate to create an “in-perpetuity” culture.

These remarkable founders, artistic or executive directors between the ages of 25 and 39 have set up endowment funds for their 5NextGen organizations under the Mécénat Musica matching program. In 2022, Mécénat Musica 5NextGen secured donations of $25,000 from 52 donors, creating $2,000,000 collectively in their in-perpetuity funds including government matching. These funds enable artists to be paid for the next 40 years of the lives of the 10 young entrepreneurial founders of these 5NextGen cultural organizations’ endowment funds.

Mécénat Musica’s matching program has provided matching to 50 cultural organizations, covering music, festivals, theatre, museums, visual arts, dance and other disciplines from the Montréal, Montérégie, Capitale-Nationale, Chaudière-Appalaches, Lanaudière, Laval, Centre-du-Québec and Gaspésie regions, among others. The Mécénat Musica cultural program is open to all admissible cultural organizations in all regions of Québec.

The 10 Mécénat Musica Ambassadors in Residence and their 5NextGen endowment funds are:

Mécénat Agora

Nicolas Ellis, conductor, artistic director & co-founder; Jean-Frédéric Caron, executive director.

Mécénat 3Femmes

Kristin Hoff, mezzo-soprano, general director & co-founder; Jennifer Szeto, piano, artistic director & co-founder.

Mécénat ArtCrush

Avery Zhao, visual artist, artistic director & co-founder; Marc Djokic, violin, music director.

Mécénat ClassicalValley, Concerts noncerto

Meagan Milatz, piano, co-artistic & executive director; Cameron Crozman, cello, co-artistic & executive director.

Mécénat OPChoeurMélomanes

Francis Choinière, conductor, artistic director & co-founder; Sam Champagne, tenor, executive director.

Mécénat Musica is a cultural program created by donors for donors. Mécénat Musica program makes a sustainable contribution to the health of all by supporting music and culture. Mécénat Musica program has created $85,000,000 of in-perpetuity capital for 50 Québec cultural organizations with large donations from more than 600 Mécénat Musica individuals and families with funds administered by three partner community foundations: the Foundation of Greater Montreal, the Jewish Community Foundation of Montreal and Fondation Québec Philanthrope.

Mécénat Musica has launched several health, culture and community initiatives since March 2020 including Mécénat Musica: 5NextGen, Prix HEC Artistes, Mini-Concerts Santé (Prix Opus Événement musical de l’année 2020), Mini-Opéras Santé, Mini-Galas, ArtChoral and Prix 3 Femmes dedicated to developing new contemporary operas by emerging female and non-binary Canadian creators.