• Funding of a six-year action research project by Université de Montréal and Concordia University;
  • The research will create a better understanding of the relationships between of children and their environment over time;
  • Highly participatory, the project also includes setting up expression tools to allow young participants to share their points of view on their communities and childhoods.

Montreal, November 20, 2018 – The Foundation of Greater Montréal (FGM) today announced that it is funding Grandir avec la ville (2018-2024): une étude longitudinale sur le quotidien des enfants du Grand Montréal, an action research project that will follow 150 students from different neighbourhoods for six years, from grade 6 to grade 11, in order to deepen our collective understanding of their everyday lives, ambitions and sense of belonging to their community.

“This is a very important project because it adds new dimensions to recent portraits of children in our community. For instance, our 2017 Vital Signs report contains current data on the living conditions of children in Greater Montreal. Concurrently, the Foundation contributed to listening projects that focused on children’s points of view, particularly about their city. The longitudinal study design selected for Grandir avec la ville will shed light on the transition children go through in adolescence,” said Yvan Gauthier, FGM’s president and CEO.

Conducted by researchers Juan Torres and Natasha Blanchet-Cohen, respectively of Université de Montréal and Concordia University, this study aims to understand how the living environment affects children as they enter adolescence, a period marked by major changes. It also seeks to encourage their independence by helping the youth participants to express themselves and understand the importance of sharing their points of view. The data and stories collected through meetings, which will be held regularly until fall 2024, will be published in a variety of formats and media, including a unique Web platform.

“With its Community Initiatives Program, this year the FGM is supporting 49 children-focused projects conducted by various organizations. Beyond this, the FGM also considers it important to have children involved in discussions and decisions that affect them and this is what we are supporting through this project.” added Yvan Gauthier.

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Source: Foundation of Greater Montréal

Information: Marion Van Staeyen, Communications Coordinator
514 866-0808, ext. 112, marion.van-staeyen@fgmtl.org

About Juan Torres:

Juan Torres is vice-dean of the Faculty of Design of Université de Montréal and associate professor. His research work focuses on urban design, particularly the environmental determinant of children’s daily mobility and youth participation in design planning of their living environments.

About Natasha Blanchet-Cohen:

Natasha Blanchet Cohen is an Associate Professor and Graduate Program Director for Youth Work at Concordia University’s Department of Applied Human Sciences. Her research seeks to shed light on how environmental education can be a springboard for promoting youths’ contributions to their own development and society’s social fabric.

About the FGM:

The Foundation of Greater Montréal (FGM) helps individuals, families and organizations to get involved and support their community by creating funds for selected causes in all sectors. In addition to publishing the Vital Signs of Greater Montréal report, the FGM manages the assets of over 600 funds, guides donors by identifying key issues and supports charitable organizations at the community level. A member of the network of 191 Community Foundations of Canada, the FGM encourages philanthropy as a major driver for well-being in Greater Montreal.