A word from FGM – March 2022

A few weeks ago, theaters, concert halls and other cultural venues began reopening. It was a much-needed breath of fresh air for Montreal and Quebec’s cultural sector. As was already the case last year, the sector continues to feel the some of the harshest repercussions of the pandemic-related health measures. Its practitioners, especially those working in the performing arts, still need our support.

Thankfully, philanthropists and patrons continue to offer the cultural sector their vision and generosity. They have acted with determination, providing cultural organizations the long-term support they deserve. Of course, immediate support is also still crucial, to enable artists and their organizations to get through this crisis. But it would be a mistake to neglect the long-term health of our cultural sector and of those who make it tick. Using the cultural sector matching programs it facilitates, the Foundation of Greater Montréal has taken on the role of a bridge between available resources and the cultural organizations that need to invest those resources in the pursuit of their missions. We also aim to act as a catalyst to encourage philanthropic giving. The end goal? To provide these organizations with financial stability and continuity.

Culture, now and for the future

Through matching programs like Mécénat Musica, we are able to create a leverage effect that multiplies the impact of these organizations’ fundraising efforts. For example, Mécénat Placements Culture has enabled 560 of Quebec’s cultural organizations to gather assets amounting to nearly $200M. By drawing on all the available programs, organizations can in effect double the amount they can invest in the end. These philanthropic mechanisms, along with a variety of tax credits offered by governments, have become powerful tools in the cultural sector’s arsenal, helping it to foster its own development.

Ultimately, what this all comes down to is the importance of having access to our own culture. The performing arts, to take one example, are not just entertainment. They also can provide us with fresh insights into society’s problems. As well, they can act as a tool for social integration, and give tangible expression to the values we collectively aspire to uphold. Look below for a few examples of groups that have benefited from FGM’s involvement. We are proud of the small supporting role we played in their success.

Karel Mayrand
President and CEO
Foundation of Greater Montréal

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March 2022

La Gang à Rambrou

La Gang à Rambrou stimulates the participation, integration and social inclusion of individuals living with an intellectual disability or an autism spectrum disorder. To do so, it uses performing arts and the visual arts.

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Fonds Michelle-Rossignol du Centre du Théâtre d’Aujourd’hui

A tribute to support artists residences, writing bursaries, theater workshops and the production of reinterpretations of Quebec works, putting forward the values of equity, social justice or cultural diversity.

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Fonds Fondation Lorraine Pintal

Provide a helping hand to young women artists looking to become theatre directors and playwrights: that was Lorraine Pintal’s goal with the creation of her Fund at the Foundation of Greater Montréal.

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