Société Logique

A movement for more egalitarian and inclusive place-making

The non-profit organization Société Logique is a pioneer in the field of universal design in Quebec. Its mission is to promote, and realize, the design and creation of universally accessible environments. Société Logique’s story began in 1981, with a group of former users and intervenors from the Lucie-Bruneau Rehabilitation Centre in Montreal. They decided to create a housing project aimed at integrating people with functional limitations.  From that project was born the Société d’habitations communautaires Logique (“Logique” being in this case a blend of “logis”, or dwelling, in French, and “Québec”).

Société Logique combines an understanding of the needs stemming from functional limitations with solid architectural know-how. No matter the nature of the limitations, be it the result of age or other situations of incapacity. The organization provides consulting services and advice on urban planning. As well, it promotes and furthers universal accessibility throughout Quebec. In this fashion, it contributes to the deployment of spaces that are more functional for everyone. Société Logique therefore helps build a more inclusive and egalitarian society, both in the short term and over the long term.

For the fourth year in a row in 2021, the Fonds Fondation Paul-A. Fournier at FGM has supported Société Logique in its mission. Thanks to this contribution, Société Logique has been able to continue responding to the many requests it receives from individuals and organizations. It has also been able to offer educational activities for students, municipalities, organizations and citizens’ groups.  The organization carries out a multitude of actions that, cumulatively, will result in well-planned spaces for everyone. So that regardless of age or capacity, one can find their way, move about, and be enriched by similar experiences.

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