Fighting racism and discrimination against Indigenous Peoples

Mikana, which means path in the Anishinabe language, is an Indigenous non-profit organization whose mission is to work towards social change by educating different audiences on the realities and perspectives of Indigenous peoples. This initiative stems from a desire to generate concrete action against racism and discrimination against Indigenous Peoples and contributes to breaking down the barriers between Indigenous and non-Indigenous worlds.

The Foundation of Greater Montréal is proud to support Mikana’s work, through grants but also by using its services. The training sessions and education tools offered by Mikana indeed allow FGM’s staff members to better understand the history and current issues members of the First Peoples are living through, including those living in Greater Montreal. Click here to learn more about the Foundation of Greater Montréal’s commitments towards justice, equity, diversity and inclusion, as well as towards Indigenous communities.

Like Mikana, we believe in the transformative power of education, raising awareness, establishing structured partnerships, and nurturing dialogue for harmonious cohabitation and mutual social understanding. We also dream of an egalitarian society where racism, discrimination, and ignorance are things of the past; a society where Indigenous and non-Indigenous people work together, as equals.