La maison Tremplin de Longueuil

To improve the quality of life of families in the Vieux-Longueuil borough

Since 1988, la maison Tremplin* de Longueuil has worked to enhance the quality of life of Vieux-Longueuil families. Acting as a social safety net for many individuals, it welcomes children, parents, and persons who are immigrants, or elderly, or alone. They come here to exchange with others or make their way along their own personal journeys. It offers, in particular, workshops with activities for children from newborns to age 12, respite and support for parents. A food service with prepared meals, a communal “dining hall” and a second-hand clothing store are also part of it.

When COVID-19 forced the closure of its physical premises, the Tremplin team made sure its most vulnerable users did not remain isolated. They scheduled multiple phone calls and videoconferences, and delivered prepared meals. The maison Tremplin reopened as soon as was feasible, restarted whatever activities could be pursued and adjusted its services.

Animations Tournesol

In 2021, Animations Tournesol (summer activities for children) was supported by the Fonds Fondation Mariette et Gilles Vendette at FGM. Neighbourhood children of many origins participate to play, learn, socialize and grow. This safe space is watched over and animated by staff. It is also a wonderful way to prepare the older ones for kindergarten! As the children take a breather, parents get their own rest time, or take the opportunity to go to appointments or French-language courses. They can also get a handle on day-to-day tasks that have been made more complicated by the pandemic. All the while, they receive support and information offered by the organization. This pandemic-dominated period has exacerbated isolation and many other problems. These moments of respite were therefore welcomed by both children and parents.

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*”Tremplin” means “springboard” in French.