Hĕritage Afro-Canada 2024 Fund

Support the Afro-Canadian Cultural Centre of Montréal’s mission

The Hĕritage Afro Canada 2024 Fund (also called the Hĕritage 2024 Fund) is an initiative of the Afro-Canadian Cultural Center of Montreal. It was created at FGM in 2021 in support of the construction of an inclusive space in Montreal dedicated to the cultural expression of Black communities while fostering constructive intercultural dialogue. The Fund will help with the timely construction of the Centre to close out the International Decade for People of African Descent (2015-2024) and establish a legacy monument that will inspire and benefit generations to come.

The Afro-Canadian Cultural Center of Montreal’s mission is to serve as an inclusive cultural home to encourage innovation in the arts, preserve and promote the heritage of Black communities in all its forms, and help bring together all cultures and Canadians of all backgrounds.

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