Habilitas Foundation

Disabling Physical Disabilities

Habilitas is a Montreal foundation that dreams of a world where physical disabilities are no longer a source of problems. The Foundation raises funds for several service providers (including the Lethbridge-Layton-Mackay Rehabilitation Centre, Camp Massawippi, and the Action Centre) in order to make sure that individuals of all ages living with a physical disability receive the best possible rehabilitation. The Habilitas Foundation’s mission is to optimize its clients’ quality of life, while accompanying them in the realization of their full potential.

In 2020, the Habilitas Foundation was funded by several fund creators, such as the Fonds Fondation Paul-A. Fournier, the Doggone Foundation Fund, the Anna and Philip Belec Foundation Fund, and the Beatrice Enid Patterson Foundation Fund.

The Foundation’s music program was supported by the Chamandy Foundation Fund, and the pediatric low vision clinic was supported by the Malouf Family Fund.

Photo: Musical therapy program © Habilitas