Fonds Fondation Espace pour la vie


The Fonds Fondation Espace pour la vie was constituted at FGM in 2021 with $1 million. It will ensure the long-term health of the Biodôme, Biosphère, Insectarium, Botanical Gardens and Rio Tinto Alcan Planetarium. The extraordinary generosity of donors from across the community was essential in its creation.

“These donors are very keen on keeping their natural sciences museums vibrant,” explains Stéphanie Barker, Executive Director of the Space for Life Foundation. Sébastien Fassier, its Chair of the Board of Directors, adds: “We live in times of health and climate crises. Many people are turning to Space for Life to understand science and rethink their relationship to nature. With the Fonds Fondation Espace pour la vie, the community is promoting its museums’ educational, scientific, artistic and cultural initiatives. In turn, the museums can contribute to a socioecological transition that will be just and inclusive.”

The Jérôme-Brisson-Curadeau Bursary

Worth mentioning among the activities supported by the Fund is the Jérôme-Brisson-Curadeau Bursary. It was created as a tribute to the son of two of Space for Life staff members, who died tragically just before turning 10. It gives children from disadvantaged neighbourhoods free admission to Space for Life day camps. That way, they can share in the passion for nature that Jérôme had.

“It is a project that the community can take to heart, ” says Ms. Barker. “Reaching out to the next generation is in our DNA. Children of more modest origins were invited as far back as the 1930s to participate in the Youth Gardens at the Botanical Gardens. Now, and in the future, with the support of the community, children will continue to be able to get close to science and nature. In a way, that is the legacy of the Botanical Gardens’ founder, Brother Marie-Victorin, but also very much Jérôme’s legacy.”

The Fonds Fondation Espace pour la vie will also support the development of research, conservation, education and dissemination of knowledge at the five Space for Life museums, as well as the upgrading of their amenities, equipment and infrastructures.

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