Chamandy Foundation Fund

A fund to support young people no matter their situation

In 2015, the Chamandy Family Foundation was created in Montréal. It aimed to improve the day-to-day lives of children, and offer them hope for a better future.

In December 2018, Amel Chamandy, President of the Chamandy Foundation, and Tiffany Chamandy, its Executive Director, wanting to increase their commitment to the very youngest in our society, created a philanthropic fund with the Foundation of Greater Montréal.

“The Chamandy Foundation commits to supporting children in all aspects of their development: education, rights, the fight against poverty, and health and well-being.”

The Chamandy Foundation Fund immediately went into action, distributing $825,000 in grants in 2019 to organizations meeting these needs. To date, the fund has already allocated more than $3M for 2020.

Many of the projects the Foundation supports assist youth who are experiencing homelessness. The backing it has given to the organization Dans la rue, in particular, will give them access to mental health care, and also has made possible a forum on prevention strategies for homeless or vulnerable youth.

Thank you to the Chamandy Foundation for its investment on behalf of the youth of Montréal, a commitment that supports them in all facets of their lives and of their development.