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Details about the Women's Impact Montréal (WIM) Collective Fund at FGM

Despite tremendous needs, organizations for women and girls receive little funding – just 1.6% of all philanthropic giving according to a recent estimate. In response, the Foundation of Greater Montréal is launching a new giving initiative:
The Women’s Impact Montréal Collective Fund (WIM)
Join the Women’s Impact Montréal Collective Fund and you can help :
- Mobilize the collective power of philanthropy in order to address the myriad issues that threaten the well-being of women and girls in Greater Montreal.
- Educate a greater number of people on the challenges facing girls and women in our community, and the organizations that are addressing these issues.
- Impact organizations that offer transformative and lasting solutions to the problems faced by women and girls in Montreal.
- Involve new audiences in the valuable work of philanthropy.
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Why join the Women's Impact Montreal Collective Fund?

Becoming a member is about more than writing a cheque. You will join a collective of people with a common purpose who are committed to making a difference for women and girls in Greater Montreal. You will play a role in building an important new source of positive change in our city, and have a voice in deciding how funds are distributed. Each year, you will get the chance to see firsthand the impacts of your

How to get involved?
- Become a member of the Fund, through an annual gift of $1,500 – $1,000 for members below 40 years of age – and pledge your support for three years.
- Make a one-time donation to the Fund and help increase its philanthropic impact.
- Help us spread the word about the WIM Collective Fund in your network to have an even larger impact!
Join a group of women leaders, determined to have a positive and sustainable impact:
Deborah Shannon Trudeau, Chair of the WIM Collective Fund Advisory Committee
Christiane Bergevin, member of the Committee
Mary-Anne Carignan, member of the Committee
Dominique Décarie, member of the Committee
Mina Farinacci, member of the Committee
Kathy Fazel, member of the Committee
Fiona Macfarlane, member of the Committee
Monette Malewski, member of the Committee
Sandra Rabrun, member of the Committee
Alana Singer, member of the Committee
Sylvie Trottier, member of the Committee
as well as every other member and donor of the WIM Collective Fund!
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Do you have more questions? Contact us or read our press release related to the WIM Fund's launch.
You can also watch and share the September 23, 2021 panel on the current situation of women and girls in Greater Montréal through the Foundations' Youtube channel.