Carte postale résultats financiers 2020

Montréal, March 11, 2021 –The Foundation of Greater Montréal (FGM) today made public its financial results for the year 2020. “Despite a year that was, to say the least, eventful, FGM is proud to present a brighter than ever picture of financial strength. We thank our donors and our fund creators who, more than ever, stepped up and answered the call. Their contributions to the Foundation this year amount to nearly $46M. This is a testament to their unparalleled commitment to the community,” stated Karel Mayrand, FGM’s President and CEO.

On Donations and grants on the rise

FGM’s assets under management, including those in its investment fund, maintained their robust growth in 2020. Thanks in part to an impressive gross rate of return of 11.33 %, they now total $373M. That rate of return meant that, once again, FGM was able to beat its benchmark index, which stood at 10.23%. These assets are placed throughout the 704 funds now active at the Foundation. These numbers allow FGM to maintain its standing as Canada’s sixth-largest community foundation, after only 20 years of operation.

Through its participation in COVID-19 emergency funds backed by governments or by other philanthropic foundations, and grants allocated by its own funds, FGM distributed a total of $33.3M in grants in 2020. This record amount helped more than 770 charitable organizations or special projects in Greater Montréal, in every sector. “It was crucial for us to mobilize all our resources, as well as our network of donors and partners. Our goal was to act as a lever to support the most vulnerable in the community during this unprecedented crisis,” Mr. Mayrand explained.

On the responsible investment track

Even with all these successes, change is in the air. Having now celebrated 20 years of existence and reiterated its commitment to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, the time has come for the Foundation of Greater Montréal and its investment fund (FGMIF) to take on an even more sustainable and responsible direction. That is why the Foundation is now hard at work overhauling its investment policy.

“We are very pleased with the returns we had in 2020, which we achieved despite the volatility of the markets. These results are proof of the strength of our investment policy, which our fund managers applied with skill and rigour. But we can do even better. That’s why we have created a working group on responsible investment, with a mandate to make our investments correspond to FGM’s values and mission. These values focus on the well-being of the community and of future generations,” added Lise Charbonneau, FGM’s Vice-President of Administration, Finance and Investments.

In its assessment, the working group on responsible investment will incorporate ESG factors (businesses’ performance on environmental, social and governance issues), but also impact investment principles, and ways to reduce FGM’s carbon footprint and climate-related risk. It is expected to conclude its work in 2021. The Foundation will therefore be able to put into place a new investment policy by the end of the year.


Source: Foundation of Greater Montréal
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About FGM
The Foundation of Greater Montréal (FGM) helps individuals, families and organizations to get involved and support their community by creating funds for selected causes in all sectors. In addition to publishing the Vital Signs of Greater Montréal report, FGM manages the assets of over 700 funds, guides donors and supports community charitable organizations. A member of the Community Foundations of Canada, a network of 191 community foundations, FGM promotes philanthropy as a major driver for well-being in Greater Montréal.