Covid-19 Collective Fund

Montréal, April 8, 2020 – The Foundation of Greater Montréal’s (FGM) President and CEO, Yvan Gauthier, announced today the creation of the COVID-19 Collective Fund. The goal of the Fund is to support the Greater Montréal community through the current crisis, and targets community organizations working in the fields of healthcare, education, culture, the environment and social development. “This collective effort will allow us to give community organizations who are in a difficult situation the support they need in the short, medium and long term,” stated Mr. Gauthier.

An exceptional collaboration

The creation of the COVID-19 Collective Fund is the result of an exceptional collaboration among Greater Montréal’s major philanthropic partners. In the sector of social development, FGM and Centraide of Greater Montréal, who has also launched an Emergency Fund, have agreed to work closely together to ensure that both funds are complementary and all resources are used efficiently. The Canadian Red Cross will also contribute, through its expertise and field experience, to help determine the Fund’s priorities.
The scope of this partnership is reflected in the diversity of foundations that are involved. The COVID-19 Collective Fund has an initial capital of $725,000 and benefitted from contributions from the Azrieli Foundation, the Jewish Community Foundation of Montreal, the J.-Armand Bombardier Foundation, the McConnell Foundation, the Rossy Foundation, as well as the Paul-A. Fournier and Jean E. and Lucille Douville Foundation Funds at FGM, the FGM and other donors. Others will also confirm their participation shortly. “We are excited to announce this major agreement and I wish to thank all the partners and collaborators of the Fund,” said Mr. Gauthier.

The COVID-19 Collective Fund objectives

The COVID-19 Collective Fund has two objectives. First, to respond to priority or immediate needs across all sectors, paying special attention to the situation of vulnerable children, who are deeply affected by the current crisis. Second, to stimulate and support the strategic collective work required to contribute to the recovery and rebuilding of the community in the aftermath of the immediate crisis.

How to contribute to the Fund?

It is possible to make a donation to the COVID-19 Collective Fund directly through FGM’s website. “We are asking for the support of all our community partners at this time, foundations and individuals alike. This extraordinary crisis calls for an equally extraordinary response,” added Mr. Gauthier. Donations to the COVID-19 Collective Fund can be unrestricted or geared towards any of the sectors cited above: education, healthcare, culture, the environment or social development.

“The physical distancing measures that are currently in place are deeply affecting many organizations who provide crucial services to the community, especially at this time of crisis. Revenues are plummeting, essential goods as well as volunteers are in very short supply, all at a time when urgent needs in the population are skyrocketing. These organizations need immediate support if they are to maintain their operations and continue to fulfill their mission, and serve the most vulnerable members of our society,” explained FGM’s President and CEO.

Procedure for making a request

Community organizations in all sectors who need support, or are expecting to find themselves at risk after the crisis is over, can submit an application online through a form that will be made available as soon as possible. To learn more about the Fund’s eligibility criteria, click here.

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Source: Foundation of Greater Montréal
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