Planned Giving

If you want to leave your mark or pass on values that you hold dear without affecting your present financial situation, a planned gift can meet your expectations and allow you or your loved ones to enjoy interesting tax benefits.

There are several ways to make a planned gift:

  • Legacy Donation: a fixed amount, movable or immovable assets, a percentage of your inheritance, or a residuary bequest.
  • Stock Exchange Securities: a donation that results in significant tax benefits.
  • Life Insurance: an excellent way to make a substantial donation.
  • Other: Trust, RRSPs, RRIFs, movable or immovable assets, artwork, etc.
For more information or for any question, please contact:

Hélène Latreille, TEP
Primary Advisor, Philanthropic Development and Professional Partnerships

- by phone: 514 866-0808 ext. 106
- by email:

All information requests are confidential and without obligation on your behalf.

“I always wanted my entire estate to be devoted to causes and programs that I have care about. I found in the FGM the ideal organization to manage my funds according to my wishes and my philanthropic objectives. Through my fund, I also wish to perpetuate the memory of an exceptional, extraordinary woman, my mother, Margueriet (Margo) Duchastel de Montrouge-Bisaillon. Throughout her life, she fully participated in the life of Montreal. She was a person of unconditional support, love and generosity.” – Lynne Paule Bisaillon
“My practice as a professional investment advisor naturally attracted me to philanthropy. The FGM offered me with a financial framework that is credible and human. The transparency of its governance gave me great confidence. Uniting a strong management team with expert committees, the FGM has been very attentive to my long term charitable needs.” – François Desmarais