Vital Signs 2017 of Greater Montréal's Children: 1st Edition Errata

Fondation du Grand Montréal/ janvier 31, 2018/ Non classifié(e)

Errata for the 1st edition of the Vital Signs 2017 and comparison with corrected contents.
·         Page 10, title reads «35, 000 children in Greater Montréal depend on food assistance programs offered by food banks» instead of «35, 000 in Greater Montréal depend of food banks».
·         Page 10, 3rd paragraph reads «Nearly 35, 000 children under 18 received help from food assistance programs each month from Moisson Montréal, Moisson Laval or Moisson Rive-Sud (Table 2.1).» instead of « Nearly 35, 000 under 18 received food assistance each month from Moisson Montréal, Moisson Laval or Moisson Rive-Sud. They represented over one half (59%) of the children receiving food bank support in Quebec in March 2016 (Table 2.1). »
·         Page 10, removal of 4th paragraph reading «In Montréal, in 2015, one parent in five with a least one child under age 6 stated that they had used food banks, clothing banks or other forms of material assistance « often » in the previous 12 months. This proportion was similar to that for the province of Quebec as a whole».
·         Page 20, table 6.1, purple color in the legend associated with « all households » instead of « single ».

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