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Overview of Placement Réussite Program Funds

Fondation du Grand Montréal/ March 27, 2018/ Non classifié(e)

As part of the Placement Réussite program, 36 registered charities opened funds at FGM. This Ministère de l’Éducation et de l’Enseignement supérieur program aims to encourage patronage of charities in the areas of school perseverance and educational …

Post-mortem on the launch of Radio Arbre

Fondation du Grand Montréal/ March 20, 2018/ Non classifié(e)

Radio Arbre was launched on March 17 as a collaboration between the Foundation of Greater Montréal (FGM) and the Maison de l’innovation sociale. Radio Arbre is a community radio equipped with a synthetic voice that shares the wishes of children …

Smart Cities Challenge : Call for projects ending soon

Fondation du Grand Montréal/ February 22, 2018/ Non classifié(e)

As a candidate city to Infrastructure Canada’s Smart Cities Challenge, Montréal needs everyone’s input on how to best use data and IT to improve quality of life. Two short surveys allow you to participate in the city’s call for project and the decisi…

In the press

Fondation du Grand Montréal/ February 13, 2018/ Non classifié(e)

The FGM was twice mentionned in the media in the last few days. A report by Montreal Gazette columnist Celine Cooper, published on the IRPP’s Policy Option Website, explains the movement for a food policy council in Montréal. It also discusses food s…

The FGM is hiring!

Fondation du Grand Montréal/ January 26, 2018/ Non classifié(e)


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À propos de la FGM

Fondée en 2000, la Fondation du Grand Montréal (FGM) est un organisme indépendant et sans but lucra…