Fonds Fondation Louis Pierre

Supporting social equity and inclusion

For Louis Pierre, gratitude, empathy and solidarity are the foundations of philanthropy. Knowing that not everyone gets the same opportunities in life, he started thinking about how he could best help others. His first contributions came while he was a student. He pitched in with other volunteer swimming instructors to organize swim classes for individuals with disabilities. He then continued as he began his career with the federal government. “I started with fairly modest donations, but then realized that as the years went on, I had the capacity to give more. It didn’t hurt too much….in fact, it made me feel pretty good to see that I could help those who were less fortunate.”

Over time, Mr. Pierre focused more particularly on causes close to his heart. His wish was to support “people who are in especially difficult situations, often beyond their control, by providing them with immediate comfort and assistance, and the hope and the means to imagine a better future.”

Supporting social equity and inclusion

He therefore, in 2016, created the Fonds Fondation Louis Pierre at the Foundation of Greater Montréal, with the following aims:

  • support organizations that provide temporary shelter for individuals experiencing homelessness, food insecurity, addiction, or social exclusion, while also providing them the assistance they need to get themselves out of those situations (Welcome Hall Mission, Gîte Ami);
  • ensure food security for those living in difficult socioeconomic conditions, in partnership with organizations in the Outaouais region (Moisson Outaouais);
  • assist with the provision of medical and humanitarian aid to populations victimized by armed conflict, natural disasters, epidemics, famine, or other emergencies (Doctors Without Borders);
  • help girls in developing nations pursue postsecondary studies.

Mr. Pierre’s priorities show a deep concern for social equity and inclusion, and line up with several Sustainable Development Goals.

When he created his fund, Mr. Pierre figured he would make it grow mainly through a provision in his will. But he has since changed his approach and has chosen to “contribute regularly, so as to be able to give out more assistance right now, which gives me great satisfaction when I see tangible results.”

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