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  • In 2007, 36.2% of elected representatives
    for the city of Montreal were women; among
    district mayors, 42.1% were women.
    Vancouver (36.4%) was the only large
    Canadian city with a rate similar to Montreal’s. 1

    Rate of Participation in Federal Elections (%)
    2000, 2004 and 2006

    source : Élections Canada
  • In 2006, 21.8% of taxpayers in Greater Montreal made a donation to a charity organization, compared with 24.6% for all Canadian taxpayers. The median donation of Montrealers ($150) was also lower than that of all Canadians ($250). The median donation level has been rising throughout Canada over the past 10 years, and a similar trend can be observed in the Montreal region, where the median level grew by 36.4% between 1997 and 2006. 2
  • The 2007 campaign of Centraide of Greater Montreal raised over $54 million – $2.5 million more than the previous year. With these funds, Centraide supports 360 organizations, mainly on the island. The Centraide campaign is supported by more than 22,000 volunteers in some 2,000 workplaces. 3
Hasbro, the game and toy company, has recently launched a new global edition of its famous Monopoly board game, originally created in 1935. The choice of cities appearing in this special edition is the result of an online vote that took place following an invitation to all cities in the world. From now on, thanks to the massive participation of Montrealers, millions of investors all over the world will dream of building houses and hotels in Montreal. Our city was voted first in the world and will occupy the most desirable box in the traditional version of the game, Boardwalk. Does this mean that Montrealers are better connected than others? Or simply that they are more proud of their city?

Since year 2000, the 18 Centraides of Quebec organize La Matinée scolaire de l’entraide, a program that includes activities to foster volunteerism and community engagement amongst grade school children. Each year, volunteers and spokespeople from local community organizations visit grade 4 classes to discuss and exchange with children about their experiences and of the importance of volunteerism. In 2008, one thousand children in 19 different Montreal area schools participated in the 9th edition of La Matinée scolaire de l’entraide..4

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