Marie-Vincent Foundation

A world free of sexual violence towards children and adolescents

The Marie-Vincent Foundation wants to build a world free of sexual violence towards children and adolescents. To get there, it plays a role in developing a protective community that works to prevent sexual violence and to ensure the optimal development of all youth, including those who have been victims of sexual violence, and children presenting problematic sexual behaviour.

As well as being active in prevention and education, the Marie-Vincent Foundation helps children and young victims of sexual violence and their families get through their ordeal by providing specialized services that are effective and adapted to the needs of each individual. It also supports an interuniversity research Chair and several partners from various sectors, all across the province of Quebec.

In 2020, the Marie-Vincent Foundation received funding from the Chamandy Foundation Fund in the amount of $200,000, for the provision of therapeutic care. FGM for its part helped it provide essential services virtually as well as assistance to young victims of sexual violence through the COVID-19 Collective Fund.