Loisirs et Répit Sans Limites

For the development and integration of young people living with an intellectual disability

Loisirs et Répit Sans Limites (Leisure and Rest Without Limits) was founded in Boucherville in 1986. It is an organization that serves children, youth and adults living with an intellectual disability or an autism spectrum disorder, and their parents. The association focuses on the development and integration into the community of young people. It also provides an environment where a sense of respect for differences leads to fulfilment and growth for all. Its services include leisure activities, and opportunities for socialization that are stimulating and suited to children. In doing so, it also offers some respite for families.

Seeking to continue its activities while still respecting physical distancing and public health measures imposed due to COVID-19, Loisirs et Répit Sans Limites submitted a project proposal to FGM in phase 1 of the ECSF. The project was the recipient of a $75,000 grant to cover the added costs in staffing and equipment. This meant a summer day camp could be provided for the younger and less autonomous members. The more autonomous ones could also enjoy weekly activities. In a lockdown period, these moments of leisure activity for the young ones, and of rest for their parents and siblings, were especially welcome.

Loisirs et Répit Sans Limites also obtained support from the Foundation in phase 2 of the ECSF; the organization received a grant of $27,000 for the continuation of leisure and respite services over the fall and winter.

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