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COVID-19 Collective Fund: List of Donors

Here is the list of the institutions and individuals who contributed to the COVID-19 Collective Fund at FGM. This list will be updated regularly.

The Foundation, its board and its staff wish to thank all these donors for their generosity and their commitment to the community. 

- Azrieli Foundation
- Jewish Community Foundation of Montréal
- J.-Armand Bombardier Foundation
- McConnell Foundation
- Rossy Foundation
- Jean E. and Lucille Douville Foundation Fund at FGM
- Paul-A. Fournier Foundation Fund at FGM
- Hon. Jean-François de Grandpré
- Green Shield Canada (GSC) 
- Doggone Foundation Fund at FGM
- Michael Novak Fund at FGM
- Christiane and Felix Furst Foundation Fund at FGM
- Pierre Chouinard Foundation Fund at FGM
- Anonymous Donor
- Patrick Irwin Foundation Fund at FGM
- Mariette and Gilles Vendette Foundation Fund at FGM
- Guy Tiphane Foundation Fund at FGM
- Monique and Guy Bisaillon Foundation Fund at FGM
- Di Tomasso Group Foundation Fund at FGM
- Sybilla Hesse Foundation

We also thank the many individual donors who contributed to the Fund.