About us

Our Mission
The Foundation of Greater Montreal (FGM) helps individuals, families and organizations getting involved to support their community by creating funds for selected causes in all sectors. The FGM manages the funds' assets and guides donors by identifying key issues and supporting the community’s most dynamic actors. It also encourages philanthropy as a major driver for well-being in Greater Montréal.

Our Vision
The FGM is recognized for its strategic and unifying leadership in achieving Sustainable Development Goals(1) via its support for dynamic projects by community organizations and via its focus on innovative initiatives, including for children's well-being in the community.
(1) As defined by the United Nations.

Integrity, excellence, inclusion, listening, innovation.

“As with volunteer work, community foundations give me a chance to get involved, to realize that I can make a contribution and make things happen. That’s why I wanted to create this fund during my lifetime. I also hope that with this fund, my heirs will acquire the taste and means for philanthropy.” – Guy Tiphane

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